Nobuki Takamen Trio


Originally from Hiroshima, Japan, jazz guitarist/composer Nobuki Takamen has been developing a reputation as ‘’the best jazz guitarist Japan has ever produced’’ as lauded in AllAboutJazz since he relocated to New York in 2004.
Described by Critical Jazz: ‘’…Jim Hall meets Wes Montgomery on their way to a Kenny Burrell show…’’, his music draws influence from the jazz greats and other musicians such as Paul Simon, James Taylor, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and melts them into something distinctively his own.
Nobuki has toured with his group in North America and Europe, performing at many of the best international jazz clubs and festivals including Iridium Jazz Club, Blue Note NY, Blues Alley, Smalls Jazz Club, the Montreal International Jazz Festival, and the Nisville Jazz Festival, where he opened for the original Blues Brothers Band. He has also toured annually throughout Japan since 2004.
Nobuki has four albums released on What’s New Records and Summit Records, and three albums on his own label, including his first solo album, ”Solo Guitar”, his two-disc 6th album, ”Live in Japan”, and his eponymous 7th album, ”The Nobuki Takamen Trio”.
His playing and music have been featured in publications worldwide, including DownBeat, Guitar World Magazine, Vintage Guitar Magazine, Just Jazz Guitar, AllAboutJazz, Jazz Podium (Germany), Jazz’n’more (Switzerland), Jazz Special (Denmark), Musica Jazz (Italy), Jazzwise (UK), Swing Journal (Japan), Jazz Life Magazine (Japan).
Nobuki is the winner of the instrumental category of the USA Songwriting Competition 2019.

自己のグループでは、Iridium Jazz Club、Blue Note NY、Blues Alleyなどに出演し、世界最大級のモントリオール国際ジャズ・フェスティバル、そのほか数多くのジャズ・フェスティバルからも招聘され出演する。北米やヨーロッパでのツアーも行い、2004年からは毎年日本ツアーも行っている。
これまでに、グラミー賞も獲得している名門レーベル、Summit Recordsなどから8枚のリーダーアルバムを発表。オールアバウトジャズ誌で5つ星を獲得し、「これまでに日本が輩出した最高のジャズギタリストであることは間違いないだろう。」と絶賛される。ジャズギターの巨匠、Gene Bertonciniに「メロディーセンスやオリジナリティー、そして彼独自の表現力を感じることができる、心地よく聴きごたえのあるアルバムだ。」と評される。



6:00 pm - 9:00 pm