@K4 is an energetic band formed by 6 artists from all different backgrounds and business, united by their love of music. Kan on guitar has pride in being the #1 fan of Music in NYC. International cultural exchange through music is also one of his specialties. Kyoko on keyboard loves playing so much that she is known for playing her grand piano all through the night. Keina is a multi-talented drummer who plays on bass for the band as well. Jessie (Yumiko) on bass is the newest member in the band and is super excited to join @K4. Amy on chorus is also the band manager. Last but not least, Kaz’s dream of performing vocals is coming true and is ready to have blast!
Violinist – a guest performer Ms. Sumiko Tajihi appeared as a concerto soloist with the New York Symphonic Ensemble at Isaac Stern Auditorium in Carnegie Hall in 2007. And she has given numerous performances extensively as a soloist and as a chamber musician throughout the United States, Europe and Japan.
*Kyoko is unfortunately absent for the 4th of July event, and Kan plays keyboard on top of guitar for the event.

Performance Date