Jazz Juvenilia


Ryoju Fukushiro is a Jazz saxophone anomaly, recognized as delivering a vibrant timbre, which relieves and amuses a wide range of audiences.
He was born into a musical family in Kyoto, Japan in April 1986. Gaining a skill of a lyrical tone reminiscent of Stan Getz, Ryoju had been known as one of potential leading Jazz saxophonists.
As he is accumulating approvals, he won the Grand Prix in “The Third Kobe Next Jazz Competition’’ in 2009.
Accordingly, in March 2013, Ryoju visited San Francisco to participate in the Jazz competition ‘’Jazz Search West 2013’’. He won First Place the following month at the finals.
As the prize, Ryoju received full tuition to the summer camp ‘’Jazz Camp West 2013’’. In the Camp, he performed in one of the faculty concerts as a guest saxophonist with Elio Villafranca, Allison Miller, Ratzo B. Harris.
In November 2013, Ryoju moved to the New York City vicinity to discipline himself, and study Jazz as a music based on American culture. In March 2015, Ryoju was accepted to the Manhattan School of Music. And also, he was transferred to CUNY Queens College, Aaron Copland School of Music. Then he graduated with the degree of Master of Music in Jazz Study in 2018.
Ryoju was invited to join “George Gershwin International Music Competition2017 in New York” as a Classical-Jazz saxophonist, and won third prize in Winds and Brass category in the competition.
He has been performing at wide variety music venues and restaurants in the city, such as Tomi Jazz, Brooklyn Bowl, Gramercy Park Hotel, Shrine, Silvana, The Bitter End, and Giando on the Water, ZAVO restaurants.

ニューヨークを拠点に活動するサックス奏者、作曲・編曲家 1986年京都出身。テナーサックスプレーヤー山中良之氏に師事しジャズを学ぶ
「第3回神戸ネクストジャズコンペティション2009」グランプリ受賞「リットーミュージック 最強プレイヤーズコンテスト2009」グランプリ受賞
2012年11月にCD「Bamboo Grove ~竹林~」を発表後、オリジナル曲「Bamboo Grove」が電源総合メーカー株式会社YAMABISHIのラジオCMソングとして起用される
サンフランシスコにて行われたジャズコンテスト「ジャズ・サーチ・ウェスト 2013」にてグランプリ受賞




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