Chika and the Starry Night


Chika and the Starry Night is a band fronted by Chika and her husband Tatsuya, who hail from Japan and now live their dream of playing jazz in New York City. Their swinging style is informed by their love of jazz as well as their devotion to one another. Pre pandemic, the band had a weekly residency at the James Hotel in Manhattan. During the pandemic, they developed a presence on online streaming platforms that is rapidly growing. They also have been performing in various outdoor spaces to bring the joy of live music to the people, including our own Sunset Park.

NYを拠点として活動するヴォーカリスト田中千賀とギタリスト桜井竜矢が率いるJazz band。2018年よりChika and the Starry Night バンドでNYのJames Hotel、各イベントなどで毎週演奏。パンデミックの間、彼らはプラットフォームを急速に成長するオンラインストリーミングへ移し演奏を続け存在感を示す。また、ここサンセットパークをはじめ、さまざまな屋外スペースでも生演奏をし音楽の素晴らしさを発信し続けている。



6:00 pm - 9:00 pm